22 December 2011

Best QR code reader for iPhone

QR codes have made it easy to share content throughout the smart phone world. With a quick scan you can view websites, text, coupons, and much more. Searching on the Apple App Store, I've found that there are many QR code readers that you get, but the reader by Tap Media is my favorite.

It is called QR Reader (a very unique name right?). Out of all the readers I tested, this one allows the most customization and ease of scanning.

Most other readers only let you create codes that scan to web url's. QR Reader's options are many.

I think anyone looking for a good app to scan QR codes should get this. It is simple, easy and has lots of features.
Download it from the App Store!

28 November 2011

3 Greatest things about the Kindle Fire

I recently purchased the new'ish Kindle from Amazon. For the price, it's very hard to resist buying it, especially because it has been the Apple iPad's only slight competitor. Of coarse I have my dislikes, since I am an exclusively IOS User, but I will talk about that in a later post. Here is 5 things about the Fire that I am loving:

1. Quick Options Bar. 
A big part of the Fire is that it has only one button on the hardware. The power button, no home button, no lock button, and not even volume buttons. This is irritating for some, but I like it because Amazon made it easy to go home, go back to the previous page you were on, see extra options in a menu, and even search the page/app. That is all easily accessible from the bottom of the kindle screen no matter where you are.

2. Everything is saved in the Cloud. 
I'm guessing you've probably already heard this before, but I don't think you know how awesome this feature can be. Lets say you find an interesting fact in a newspaper article you were reading. You mindlessly finish, delete the paper, and forget that little fact you just read! No need to completely redownload or even buy the paper again, just quickly grab it from your Amazon cloud.

3. The Price! 
Who doesn't a great tablet for $300 dollars less than the iPad. It is a total no brain'er! I am not suggesting that the Fire and the iPad are on the same level, but the Fire could deffinetly be sufficient for some people.  

I really love my Kindle Fire and I can't wait to see how it progresses in a few years. I hope this helps you make a decision if you would like to purchase this Kindle. 

15 November 2011

10 Amazing CSS3 Effects

CSS3 has revolutionized the web greatly. Some of its tools have gotten rid of the need to use Photoshop or Flash. Here is a list I created of awesome CSS3 effects.

1. Text Shadow Box.

2. 3D Meninas

3. Pure CSS Coke Can

4. AT - AT Walker

5. Dynamic Stacking Cards

6. Halftone Menu (with JQuery)

7. CSS3 and Mootools Transitions

8. CSS hover effects

9. CSS3-Man

10. CSS3 Clock

10 November 2011

Microsoft launches service for online drawing

Art of Touch lets you create free online paintings. It uses HTML5 and gives you a few different types of brushes to work with. After you finish your painting you can save it using your Facebook profile or use/create your Art of Touch account. 

Microsoft mainly uses the site to advertise there Touch Mouse family. 

The senior director of marketing, Fran├žois Ruault, says “We wanted to reinvigorate the magic of technology in a dynamic and new way by redefining what a mouse can create, and we welcome everyone to contribute to the communal canvas,”

09 November 2011

Why I am confused with Google+ Pages

Just a few days ago, Google added pages to their (newest) social network, Google+. So far it looks fairly impressive, although it does seam very close to Facebook Pages.

Google+ Page's resemblance to Facebook isn't what confuses me though.

Since Google+ started as a personal network at first, celebrities had made + accounts and had been verified.. Now with Pages, celebrities are able to create a page about themselves.. But wait, didn't they already have a normal profile which is almost the same thing? Remember, this is not like Facebook, Circling someone is definitely not the same as Adding someone as a friend.

This makes me wonder why Google+ Pages is available for people and not just Businesses.

In my opinion, a + profile is just about the same thing as a Facebook page about a certain person.


08 November 2011

Google+ Pages

The fairly new social network, Google+ came out with a feature that is very simaler to Facebook Pages.. It even has the same.. Google+ Pages allows you to create a social page for your business, organization, or almost anything you want. Before, you were only able to create personal pages.

Google also added a feature to Google+ where you can search through Pages by placing "+" in front of the word (ex: +google).

21 October 2011

2 Easyest ways to earn money from your website

Online businesses have grown like crazy these past few years. Many people have been taking advantage of the ability to get income from the Internet. With the right tools and some advice you can also get some extra cash with these easy tasks.

1. PPC (Pay Per Click) Ads. This is definitely the most popular method but it is not uncommon to start getting cash very quickly. The basic idea behind this is advertisers pay to get their ads shown on a service like Google AdWords, then we use another service like Google AdSense to show those ads on our websites. Each time a visitor clicks one of those ads, you get a few cents. You're probably wondering how you would really earn money with this, but with good traffic, it's easy.

2. Affiliate Marketing. Although this is more of a website idea, people like Jeremy Palmer, have made millions in a short amount of time. The way this works is you signup for a affiliate plan at a certain business's website. They will give you a link that you can put on your blog, email signature, or forum signature. Most of the time you create a website that promotes the product or service, and then give the link to the business's site. Remember, you normally only make money if the visitor clicks the link and signs up for there service or buys there product. You can make from $1 to $1000 each time someone signs up.

17 October 2011

3 reasons Google+ is good for Bloggers

It had been a few weeks since Google+ has been completely public. Whether you think it has failed or been successful, it has made a great tool for Bloggers.

As you know, Google+ was only available for developers for quite some time. Eventually Google gave out invites that you could give out to your friends, but you could only give out so much. This created a lot of irritation, especially among the large anti-Facebook group. With all the irritation, some people just gave up on Google, leaving Google+ for mainly developers etc. That brings us to number one.
  1. Google+ is a geek paradise. A whole social network that consists of mainly geeks definitely make a great source for sharing links, getting other opinions, etc.
  2. Easy Search Engine Optimization right off the bat. Everyone that has you in their circles will get the pages that you +1 higher up in the search results.. Get it? If you and a few friends +1 your blog or website, you instantly have better chances of getting some more traffic or readers. This really comes in handy if you have a lot of fans on Google+.
  3. Connecting with your readers. Google+ makes it easy to contact almost anybody that uses their service. You can chose to make it possible for anyone to be able to email you straight from your profile. Or you can use the Hangout feature. This allows you to video chat with people in your circles.

14 October 2011

Text effect for Mail in IOS 5

With the new mobile operating system released, many people have been searching around on their Apple devices looking for “hidden” features. Apple has definetely brought out some cool new features that aren't to hard to spot if your looking in the right places. Here are instructions for you to give the Mail app some more functionality:
1. Open Mail and compose a new message.

2.Write some text, then select it.

3. Click the left arrow button.

4. Click the BIU button.

5. You now have the ability to go Bold, Italic, and Underlined, or all of them.

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